Day to Night Makeup: Transforming Your Look from Daytime to Evening


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Let’s face it: makeup can be magical. It can transform an average day into a glamorous evening, without the need to lug around a change of clothes! Whether you’re headed to a dinner party, office function or night out with friends, day to night makeup can help you look your best from morning to night. Read on to discover how to upgrade your daytime look in a few simple steps.

1. Beautiful Day-to-Night Makeup Transformation

Day-to-night makeup transformation is a great way to turn your ordinary makeup look into something special. This article will discuss the key elements of how to transition from day-to-night makeup. By the end of the post, you will achieve the perfect day-to-night look.

Base Makeup

When it comes to base makeup, you can choose to wear a lighter foundation and concealer during the day and build up your coverage in the evening. For the evening look, start by applying a good moisturizer as a base. Then, apply a foundation that offers a medium to full coverage. Apply concealer where needed for extra coverage. Set your makeup with a setting powder and you’re ready for the night.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is the easiest way to make a statement when transitioning your makeup look from day-to-night. Begin by sweeping a neutral eyeshadow shade across your eyelids. To add more depth to your eye makeup, apply a darker shade in the corner of your eyes. Finish off the look with a face-framing eye liner and two to three coats of defining black mascara.

Cheek Makeup

The key to the perfect day-to-night cheek makeup look is to find the perfect balance. Start with a subtle blush during the day and build it up in the night. For the evening, add a highlighter and a pop of color to your cheeks for a more dramatic effect.

Lip Makeup

To complete the look and transition your makeup from day-to-night, you need the perfect lipstick. Start out with a light, neutral lip color during the day and add some bold red lip color for the evening. Pick a shade that is not too bright to make sure it goes well with your outfit.

  • For a classic night look, pair a red lipstick with smoky, metallic eyeshadow.
  • A nude lipstick will provide a softer, more natural look for the night.
  • Choose a shimmery lip shade to add dimension to the look.

By taking the time to add more depth to your makeup, you can easily transform your look from day-to-night.

2. Simple & Essential Tips for Day to Night Transformation

1. Choose a Lightweight Foundation: Changing from day to night can easily be done using the right foundation. Instead of darkening the existing foundation, choose a light weight foundation that is matte in texture. This will stick to your skin, keeping the face looking fresh and natural with a light coverage.

2. Focus on Your Eyes: Put the emphasis on your eyes and let them truly stand out. Heavy eye makeup won’t be needed but a dark brown liner and mascara can instantly give off a whole new look. For more impact, swipe a light glitter shade on the corners of your eyes for that bold night look.

3. Go For the Glow: Let your face glow by adding some cream or liquid highlighter onto the tips of your cheeks. This can add a natural finish to your face, making it look nice and fresh. For an even bolder look, apply some dark matte blush onto your cheeks, blending it outward for the perfect night out look.

4. Add Some Velvet: To tie your look together, opt for a richer lip color like burgundy or red. Use a lip liner to draw around the borders of your lips followed by a velvet texture. This will give you a full and luscious pout while also bringing out the color of your eyes.

5. Finish Off With a Light Setting Spray: To ensure that your beautifully transformed face looks spectacular all night, finish off with a light setting spray that holds your makeup in place without leaving it looking caked. No one wants to worry about their makeup melting off in the middle of a night scene!

3. Making Sure Your Makeup is Ready for the Evening

For an evening out, you want to make sure your makeup is looking its best. Here are some tips to ensure that your makeup can survive the night and look its best:

  • Prepare your base: Start your makeup look with a good primer, foundation, and setting powder. This will help keep your look in place all evening. Make sure to also apply a light primer to your lips to keep your lipstick from getting feathery.
  • Choose lasting colors: When selecting which eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks to use, pick ones that are longer-lasting. For extra longevity, you may want to use a primer for your eyeshadow.
  • Set your look: Use a makeup setting spray to lock your look in place. Make sure you hold the bottle six to eight inches away and don’t spray it directly on your face. You don’t want to create a mess!

With a good primer, long-lasting makeup, and setting spray, you can make sure your makeup looks great throughout the evening. This is especially important if you plan to be out dancing or attending a more physical event.

When it comes to evening makeup, don’t forget to touch up if needed. Bring along little pocket-sized products like lipstick or eyeshadow so you can do so if needed. Keep a wand of mascara handy just in case you need to give your lashes some extra volume.

As long as you take the proper steps to make sure your makeup is ready for the evening, you should have no problems keeping your makeup fresh and flattering all night. You can look forward to not having to worry about your makeup fading, smudging, or finding itself in your drink!

4. Elevate Your Look with Spot-On Accessories

Accessories are the last stop on the journey to a more polished look. Even the simplest of outfits can be elevated with the right jewels, bags, and shoes. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just wanting to upgrade your everyday wardrobe, here are four Accessories to have in your arsenal.

  • The Headband – These elegant pieces can be used to add softness and femininity to an outfit. Catch everyone’s eye with a classic velvet or satin headband, an embossed style, or a colorful, geometric pattern.
  • The Leather Bag – Bags are the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to your look. Choose a bag that matches the event you’ll be attending, or opt for a neutral color like black or grey. Leather bags are great for everyday use; they look polished and classic.
  • The Scarf – A scarf can add a pop of color or a trendy pattern to an outfit. Wear it in a classic knot or as a chic shawl to instantly elevate your ensemble.
  • The Statement Shoe – Shoes make or break an outfit. Upgrade your look with a bold statement shoe. Go for vibrant colors, a chunky heel, or an unexpected silhouette to make a powerful impression.

Accessories can also be a great way to add personality to an outfit. Try pairing a statement shoe with stripes and polka dots to create a subtle, eclectic look; the right jewelry can also be used to make an otherwise muted outfit stand out. Play around and have fun! With these four accessories, you’re sure to look polished and put-together no matter the occasion.

The ability to quickly switch up your look for day to night can be empowering, no matter the setting. Whether you’re pining for a fresh start at the office or prepping for an evening full of cocktail sipping and laughter, no other beauty hack features quite as transformative power as a little day to night makeup. So, go out and play with your makeup palette, discover new ways to express yourself through your look, and own every second of your life, day or night.


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